Day 4,003,100…..

Trying to be patient is killing me this time… I am so anxious to get the transfer done… We had our 2nd scan on Monday and my lining was thicker than it’s ever been and has a lovely triple layer(I’m told)so I’m hoping this is a good start… my cervical mucas has changed to a very sticky egg like consistency(I know possibly TMI lol) which the nurse says is great, so I am very hopeful that it is a case of third time lucky…

The one thing that has me so anxious is that the transfer will be cancelled due to the covid virus… Or that I will get it and have to cancel it… I just have such a good feeling about this time, maybe I am being too hopeful possibly naive, but I really hope this is the one…

I started the progesterone injections yesterday and ouch… I have taken so many different types of injections over the course of all of this and they were fine, I don’t mind needles at all, but these hurt, not the injection itself but the injection site after feels like a bruise and I didn’t get this previously… I don’t know maybe I’m doing it wrong… Leigh was here the last time to help me but is away with work the last 2 days so maybe I just need him to do it properly… who knows…

My friend text the other day too… she is going through IVF also.. she has a low AMH so she is currently on her gonal trying to stimulate her ovaries. She told me her first scan she had 6 follicles which she was told is good for someone with a low ovarian reserve… I told her all you need is one good one… I hope it works out for her… I know she is feeling the stress and is on the rollercoaster with me… however we would both like to get off please….!!!!!

Anyway transfer day has been scheduled for Wednesday the 18th so light a candle for me and say a prayer this works…

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