First scan done

First scan done

Today I had my first scan to see how thick the lining was..: it was 6mm today so as I expected I am back in another week. My fematab dosage has increased from 3mg to 5mg… I also walked into the clinic today expecting everyone to be wearing masks due to the ol coronavirus

I have had so many scans that I have lost count but today’s one I didn’t like… like I know what I have to do and listen you can’t really be too worried about anyone seeing your bits, it is what it is so just get your knickers off, lie on the bed and cover whatever bit of modesty you can with the large paper tissue, however this time, I didn’t get anything to cover myself up… so it was legs in the stirrups and just get one with it… the scan itself was really uncomfortable and actually hurt this time and then when it was done I was even given tissue to wipe myself down from the gel… not that I enjoy the appointments but I definitely did not enjoy this one….!

We also went with the embryo glue for this round… I’m not sure if it will help. I know there have been studies completed on it but there is no conclusive evidence that it actually works but once it doesn’t hurt then why not… I’m throwing the kitchen sink at it this time…

I’m unsure of how I feel about the nurse who did the scan… I have had her a few times and she is a lovely person but there is something about her that I just can’t take to her. Like don’t get me wrong she is ,usually, great at her job she just missed a few things today and she is always smiling and happy but I don’t know, there is just something about her I don’t like…

Yesterday was a weird day too.. I was most certainly in a funk..: it was one of those days where I didn’t want to be around anybody but I also wanted leigh to just cuddle me all day… I just felt meh…! He was hungover so it was a great excuse to eat my feelings… McDonalds for lunch and pizza for dinner and all the sweets and crisps in between… And here was me thinking the drugs didn’t affect me in the other cycles… I clearly just blocked it all out…

Anyway today was a good day and I just got to try not wish the next week away and just try enjoy each day….

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