One week in

So one week on Fematab… We have out first scan on Monday to see if we will be far off the transfer date. Usually the lining is never quite thick enough on the first scan and i have a 2nd one. i dont know what is ideal to be honest… I have been online and read so many different opionions of what different clinics do – some say 7mm and some 8mm…. mine i think are usually always in between the 7-8 mm when we do the transfer…

When you read different things you always think “i wonder is that why it didnt work for me?” its so easy to over analyse everything…. I also feel like i am constantly wishing my life away…. I just want to be ready for the FET, then once thats done i wish the 2 weeks away… When the results were negative the last time i couldnt wait to start again.. its definitely not a process someone can enjoy lol… Once i am pregnant maybe then i will be able to relax and not wish time away…. Most likely i will want the 9 months to pass so i can meet my baby so that wont happen either 🙂

Anyway its Friday and i have a weekend of doing nothing which i am very much looking forward too… I am going to relax, get my nails done and chill out… I have the house to myself tomorrow night which i cant wait for – a good movie and some treats i think sounds ideal… I also need to really try and get the hang of this blogging thing… Some research i think will be in hand…. I want to commit to writing at least a blog a week until i get used to it and see where i go from there….

Apart from wroting the blog i do love reading others from women who are in the same position as me with IVF, its comforting to know i am not alone… And then when i read the succes stories it really does give me hope that it will work out for me too……

I am starving so going to go and have some lunch but hope its a great weekend for everyone and sending loads of love to everyone who are on their own IVF trek… xx

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