Storm Dennis has arrived and it’s miserable out and to be honest my mood isn’t much better… I have noticed really in the last few years that I suffer quite bad with PMS…

The week leading up to my period there is always one, maybe 2 days where I feel, well, sad… I know logically it’s pms and I tell myself this but it doesn’t really help shift the mood… I also tend to feel a bit insecure about certain things… today it was my relationship… I know how much I am loved and leigh does everything to treat me like a queen but it’s just these couple of days I have doubt and feel anxious about our life together…

Sense of impending doom… that’s how me and my bestie always describe the feeling…. She is the only person that I know I can pick up the phone be absolutely crazy, say crazy shit, cry if I needed or just be like meh and she gets it… Everyone needs someone in their life with that, she is my person…

On the bright side, PMS means my period is due soon which means I get to start my next cycle and do our next transfer… not looking forward to the injections I have to take this time, usually it’s just fematab and progesterone gel but they have got my on progesterone injections too… here’s to being batshit crazy for the next 2 weeks(well I don’t think I am that bad, leigh thinks other wise hahah)

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