Week 2 in Lockdown

Anyone else wake up yesterday and hope that the government was just gonna be like April Fools, you can leave your house and get back to normal..? 🙂 There is so much going on in the world right now and so many horrible stories its hard to know what to beleive or even when it…Continue reading »


I found out initially through an Instagram post from my fertility clinic last night… this then led me to lying awake until 4 this morning, nearly, having a serious dose of “over thinking”.. You see i had it all worked out in my head.. we would go get the transfer, then according to the IVF…Continue reading »

Day 4,003,100…..

Trying to be patient is killing me this time… I am so anxious to get the transfer done… We had our 2nd scan on Monday and my lining was thicker than it’s ever been and has a lovely triple layer(I’m told)so I’m hoping this is a good start… my cervical mucas has changed to a…Continue reading »